I saw this picture on photobucket.

I have on my tumblr.

I have to say its my favorite picture of Valary. To me, it shows how she's kind of like one of the guys. How she's normal.

I see on the internet how girls give a lot of crap. How she's a bitch and stuff. I think its because she's Matt's woman.

A bitch wouldn't help get the band money for demos.
A bitch wouldn't be a tour manager for when the band was starting out.
A bitch wouldn't help pass out demos or help with the merch booth or be part of a record (she's in The Art of the Subconscious Illusion from Sounding The Seventh Trumpet)

I think my point is made. I mean, Matt seems like an intelligent man. If Val was so bad, he wouldn't have stayed with her.

To me, Valary seems like a cool girl. I think its awesome that her and Shadz are beginning a family.

Anyway I'm done ranting... for now

Pocky signing out
January 21st, 2014 at 04:39am