I have to say this week I really enjoyed this episode like it was funny and shit happened and it was funny and I CALLED IT I EFFIN CALLED IT

okay so the beginning with stiles and the countdown and stiles turns around and BAM IT’S SCOTT OH HEY SCOTT

and I can’t remember what else happened in sequence but I just really enjoyed how everything flowed and how the different plotlines came together so on ya jeff davis

LOVE KIRA OK AND I KNEW IT I CALLED IT SHE’S PART OF THE KITSUNE THING kira – kitsune – like come on jeff how slow do you think we are?? Although when she collected all the power at the end it sort of looked like she had no idea what was happening like she was just rolling with the punches but at the same time I have a feeling she knew exactly what was happening since kitsunes are a japanese folklore thing and she’s part jap so ~

COACH WAS BACK IN THIS EP EEP and the cup thing with Greenburg HAHAHAHAHAH

And stiles/scott playing the trick with coach was great like I totally did not see the pulling the present thing coming that was fantastical

And when aiden and ethan were talking about how they need to join a pack which I’m guessing they will eventually because no way are they going to be just guest stars and then nothing no jeff make them series regulars ily a trily ok and YAY BACK TO SCHOOL FOR THEM EEP

Danny cheating on ethan with that other guy r u srs danny ethan is hot

And speaking of hot when Lydia is all ‘nuh uh brother you can’t give me that look and expect me to jump you’ and then BAM JUMPING COMMENCES

And omg speaking of jumping when Isaac tried to kiss Allison and Allison was all ‘NO I’M DONE WITH WEREWOLVES’ so they challenged each other no clothes style and daddy argent came in ‘ANOTHER WEREWOLF’ far out I lost it

How cute would kira and scott be together though ily

Stydia moments are always great

And we can’t forget derek and peter although I don’t really care much for their storyline at the moment but it was cool for derek to see his mum again

Papa mccall and sheriff stilinski working together is weird I don’t like it

That murderer guy was creepy as ugh bye on ya kira

And I hope Isaac is okay (look at me caring about Isaac this is weird???)

And I don’t think I have anything else to say but I just really digged this ep I like it when it's both equal light and action it brings a nice balance but it was actiony and mysterious enough to fill my desires. So yeah Jeff ace job so far and I hope next week we learn about kira (we better learn about kira yo) and a first kiss for scott/kira (scira???) would be nice too ~~~
January 21st, 2014 at 06:59am