Writing: How Do You Stay Focused? + Sexy Decisions?

So my BIGGEST problem with writing is....I can never stay on ONE story for very long. If you go through all of my stories on here....you'll see that none of them were completed except for Plagued By Lust and that's only because it was a three-shot. Pleasure University could be considered a one-shot but I had more to add to it originally but who knows.....maybe in the distant future I'll add more chapters.

But yeah....all of my stories have like a few chapters and then they just sit there collecting dust. It's not because I lost ideas or inspiration for the stories because I always know how I'm going to end them...when I eventually get to them. My problem is.....I get story ideas LIKE CRAZY and constantly. I mean I find inspiration for new story ideas even though I'm not trying.

It could be a song or a movie that will spark an idea in my mind and I'll be infatuated with that idea for awhile and be all inspired to write an A7X fan fiction with it. The sad thing is.....this really messes up my concentration for just ONE story. It's like....I don't want to get new ideas because it either takes away the quality of the existing story I was working on.....or I just lose interest and roll with the new idea.

So how do you guys work around that? I mean....about three months ago I noticed I have some type of attention disorder. I can't concentrate on things for very long because my mind always races on to the next thing. It's very hard for me to actually complete a full story or task. It's so mentally straining and exhausting for me to try to focus on anything longer than like a minute or so. Not unless it's something that REALLY grabs my attention and that speaks to my inner interests.

Two people today have suggested that when I get the ideas, I should keep a pen and paper around and write the ideas down. That way it's kind of like I'm filtering them out of my mind to make room for the new ideas or so I can go back to the original idea I had worked so hard on. I'm going to try this and really hope it fucking works. I feel so horrible because my stories on here are just all over the place as far as steady updates go.

It's not even because I feel bad for the readers not getting anything constant but it's more about my attention span I'm worried about. I want so badly to just be normal and sit and be able to concentrate on things deeply. It's driving me madd!!!! So if you also have this problem or problems similar to it, please give me some suggestions on how you deal with it or your methods. I just want to be able to stay on one story long enough to finish it.

Now onto my next problem. I write Avenged Sevenfold Fan Fiction. That's basically all I write or post on this site even though I can churn out some pretty decent Original Fictions. So normally I either write with Brian as the main male character or with Matt. Now in my opinion....those two men just happen to be at the TOP of my hottest men in the world list. I'd obviously have sex with either of them....if that happened which it WON'T but metaphorically lol.

They are who I fantasize about, okay,.....plus like thousands of other girls do too. My issue is that I love them both so much that it's hard to choose. I could thoroughly love them both equally at the same time. Brian has that cocky but playful and joking side plus I can totally see him in more dark, serious roles. He's SO fine. He's more of the tall and trim body type with dark hair that I love.

Now Matt.....when I think of the hottest man in the world....he always comes to mind. He does great with strong, domineering roles in stories but he can also be a big softy. He has the whole buff and sexy muscular body type going on and it's just....unnnfff....ovaries blown all over the world.

So how can you fucking choose? I mean I could make my female character do them both.....but that doesn't always work in every story especially when I want the female character and male character to be romantically involved just one on one. Sigh. Like....writing Brian comes so naturally. It's kind of weird. Like I've written in Brian's POV too before and I just felt like it was easy to be him in story form.

Matt wasn't difficult to write but....he's more intense as a character because I always see him so serious. He seems like even in person he plays an Alpha-Male role. Probably because he sings in the band and kind of is in the center of everything, ya know? I just go back and forth between them both all of the time. Do you all have any suggestions on how to choose? Have you ever had this problem? Can I just go buy my own clone of them both? They could even be just drones that looked like them and I'd be happy hahaha. I'm crazy. Anyway.....feedback please? =)
January 24th, 2014 at 11:45pm