Vic Fuentes Has A Girlfriend: Why Does This Bother Everyone?

Exactly how my title is stated, Vic from Pierce the Veil has a girlfriend. I didn't know about this until today, like an hour go and quite frankly, everyone keeps talking about her and i found out about her from Twitter.

Everyone is being so fucking rude about it. Like no, i think all the fans think that they might have a "chance" with Vic, but no, you don't. So many people are hating on her. My main reason is because Vic was hurt in the past from a couple different girls and the ptv fan base doesn't want him to get hurt again. Girls are very sneaky and slick, but so are boys, but still. I only know about Cara, Rachel, and Welly. But the main person i know a lot about is Cara. I've only seen pictures of Welly and Rachel with Vic, nothing else. I have no clue what happened with Welly or Rachel so please don't ask me.

I like the girl Vic is dating. Her name is Danielle and she's a model/actress. I asked her friend on Twitter how old she was and she said she's only 20. The age difference is kind of much. 10 years apart from Vic? Eh, whatever. I noticed that she looked so damn familiar from somewhere so i searched up where i thought she was from and BOOM! She's the red head from the music video King For A Day! That's her. I even asked her friend if she's the girl from the video and she said "hahaha yes that's her!" COOL, AM I RIGHT?

The thing i'm so confused about is this: Why the hell is everyone hating on her dating Vic when no one had a care in the world when he was dating Welly or Rachel? Now all of a sudden, fans are furious and a couple of 12 year olds want to threaten her life? What is the world coming to? If two people are happy in a relationship, LEAVE THEM ALONE! I can't stress it enough.

Another thing that bothers me is how come when Mike and Tony got girlfriends (Jaime is out bc he's been with Jessica since high school...MARRY HER ALREADY!) no one was flipping a shit for them? Mike and Alysha are so totally fit for each other and Tony and Erin are so adorable, i can't even. No one was hating on Erin or Alysha, but why does everyone not like Danielle?! By the way, i'm not saying EVERY fan of Vic is mad or upset with him for having a girlfriend, cuz I'M NOT. I love how he's dating. YOU HEAR THAT OL' MAN?! ANSWER ME FOOL! But yeah, a lot of us are so happy and excited that he's dating and maybe he'll finally settle down with her?

Yeah, i'm done. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Stop hating on Vic and Danielle. It's not gonna make him like you more. Stop sending her hate. Just leave them alone, seriously. You're pissing everyone off. I hope this doesn't offend anyone.

BTW, you guys remember Frenchi? Mike's ex girlfriend? Yeah, i commented on her photo on Instagram today and she REPLIED BACK TO ME! I LOVE HER OMG. and Katelynne Quinn is my other bae and she retweeted me yesterday...I CAN'T EVEN.
January 26th, 2014 at 05:21am