Discovered this and holy bleep it's amazing

So guys, I saw this on tumblr, but there is a free website called and it is the most fantastic thing that I have ever stumbled upon. Seriously, I want everyone to know about this because this has just opened the floodgates to writing for me.

It's literally like a giant white board where you can drag family trees, clip notes, documents, pictures, videos ANYTHING and you can connect them all. It's basically for people like me who have a mess of info for stories, where we can just put it on one thing but find it all connected.

It's literally the best thing I've ever found. I'm currently posting all my stuff on it and making a board for one of my stories now and wow I love it. So now I have a place where all my stuff is. I HIGHLY suggest watching the quick video that comes before to learn how to use it. It's only two minutes long and it tells you everything you need to know as opposed to trying to figure it out yourself.

Seriously, use this thing and you'll love it. I'm so happy I found something that can organize all my thoughts into one visual board.
January 26th, 2014 at 08:09pm