Favorites? What Favorites?

It's time for another one of my weekly favorites blogs! I'm getting ready to go to sleep so this one is probably not going to be as exciting, but here we go!

I've been watching lots of documentaries this week, and one of my favorites was 65_redroses. It's an amazing documentary about a 20-something with cystic fibrosis. The entire thing was just beautiful and it touched my heart in a way I cannot explain. I really recommend it.

This week, all I wore was oversized sweaters, scarves, leggings and boots. It seemed like the combo of the week for me. It's very chilly where I live and it was my way of dressing cute for class while still being warm. If you haven't invested in some over sized sweaters, please do it now. They're so easy and comfy.

Annnd apparently I have no life because I have nothing else to recommend besides Netflix.

And for Mibba stories:

Suffocate - Finnick Odair
Inconvenience - Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane
Little Miss Nothing - Alex Gaskarth
Collide, Ignite - Niall Horan
Godforsaken - Finnick Odair
January 27th, 2014 at 04:49am