Heart & Soul || Friend Rant || Stupid Weather

Hey Mibba!!!

It's been a while right? I just wanted to say hello and bring a little bit of confusion to your day. :)

Okay, so I'm excited because Heart & Soul, the new co-write I'm doing with the wonderful Vampire's_Addiction is on fire. I mean, it's truly great, and it's hard not to fall in love with Nicholai and Annika! That's all you're getting out of me so no questions!

I'm thinking we're going to post when we have the story actually completed, which shouldn't be too long since I'm working on chapter 19 now. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but yesterday was such a bad day that I fell onto my bed and said, "No, I am not moving today." So, sorry Charlotte, if you're reading this!! I'll have the chapter to you today, promise :)!


And I'm totally depressed over this...

One of my best friends called me last night, she's been calling a lot lately and I don't know why... she hardly ever called before the past two months. I posted a rant blog about her a few weeks ago and then I deleted it 24 hours later because it had a lot of tells, and I didn't want her to figure out that it was about her. I mean, I've known this girl for a very long time. She calls my grandparents maw-maw and paw-paw, which most of my new friends don't, but all of my old friends do.

She's up and down, like so iffy. One day she's all, "yes, just oh my god yes" and the next day she's like, "Let me tell you what's wrong with me today. (continues to talk nonstop for thirty minutes about everything depressing then says 'why are you so quiet'). I can't explain it in real words... no matter how excited over something I get I always seem to get brought back down to her problems.

She called me last night to talk about how great her 40-something year old boyfriend is. She's 22 and I just... No, I don't approve of that mess. There's no if's and's or but's about it. There's a certain point where the phrase 'robbing the cradle' becomes a legit thing, and this girl is so immature that her 22 is actually more like 17 or 18... yeah, this dude is 'robbing the cradle' here. And he's not all that great. All the stuff she tells me about this guy makes me cringe. I don't like him! Granted I've never met him, but I figure a girl that's as in love with someone as much as she loves him should be able to sell you on a guy right? Hell no! He's tacky and disgusting, and the only good thing he has remotely going for him is apparently he's an artist.

I talked to another girl who was in our old clique way back when. She's related to my friend some kind of way. It's one of those deep south 'her mom is my second cousin twice removed, married to uncle so-and-so that's aunt what's-her-face's brother's nephew' kind of things. I just tune it out and accept the term cousins. But the other girl who is a great mom by the way, I admire her so much, said that my friend that's been calling so much is apparently really bad on drugs and being a not so great mom along with dating this cringe worthy man.

Okay, don't get me started on her problems or I'll have to delete this blog too. It's just I don't like being depressed, and I've been sick a lot here because of the insanity we call weather now-a-days, so I'm in a state of terminal depression right now. Everything is kind of just blah. Everything except Heart & Soul. Nicholai and Annika are keeping me going at this point because they're just fun.

Hopefully this won't last long. And I need to write something for Memphis before I feel like he's turning on me. You should go read Just a House? to make me happy. Seriously. Go leave comments :)


and I also have to look forward to snow... although, we all know where I live...it does not snow. It either ices into a big mess or it just drops below freezing for a few days then blows over. It snowed here before thanksgiving, two inches, and it was the first time in like almost 50 years. I doubt we're going to get anything, but around here, if they say SNOW every Tom, Dick, and Harry are out with their entire families buying supplies to get them through the 'blizzard' that never comes.

Speaking of all those people, I seriously have to go grocery shopping because I didn't go this Saturday because I thought it was Super Bowl weekend like an idiot. That's next weekend. So let me bid y'all a good day so I can go fight over the bread and milk.

Wish me luck,
January 27th, 2014 at 05:11pm