The Writer's Survey

I found this thingy from [url=]Victoria aka House of Cards.[/url] and she stole it from Brittany. I am doing this because I realized I don't do enough writing surveys. You guys should know more about me as a writer, and because I'm procrastinating hardcore now that I don't have to write a chapter until tomorrow. I'll probably end up writing it tonight for lack of sleep.

I also want to apologize for my lack of enthusiam and for lack of reading lately. I have so many stories to catch up on. :( So please, don't be too mad at me for procrastinating, and it'll work out eventually. I'll take a break from writing soon probably to catch up on my reading. We'll see.

Okay, Survey

All about you, the author.

1. What is your author-pen name? (If you have one, if you don't your name will suffice or your Mibba name.)

Nikki Richardson

2. When did you start writing?

When I was between 10 and 11 years old.

3. Where did you start writing?

Right outside my house. We had these huge bags of cement because we were laying sidewalks in the front and back yards around the porches. I sat right there on those bags and wrote my first short story.

4. What was the first story you ever posted?

Nightmares are Dreams in Technicolor. It's still not finished because it needs a ton of editing, but it was about this girl Riley Self who goes through all this hell when she finds out that her father is a vampire, which makes her a dhampir, then she finds out her ancestor was some kind of healing goddess which makes her a demigod. Then she found her ancestor's diary. Turned out she looked just like the woman and she ended up going to live with the man that used to be in love with the woman because he was the oldest person and knew how to train her properly....
It got confusing if you didn't follow it closely.

5. What is your favorite story you've ever posted?

My first story to reach over 1000 readers, How Could This Happen to Me?, About Maddie Garver and Kegan Vaara will always have a special place in my heart.

But my all time favorite that I've posted (and it's still an ongoing story) is Just a House?. No other character in this world will ever be apart of me as much as Memphis Dupree. He is homeless, hopless, beautiful, sarcastic, romantic, strong, and sensitive. And this story shows everything about him in such depth.

6. What inspires you to write?

Everything. Life, movies, books, music. Beauty, stupidity, art.

7. Do you want to be published?

I actually am published. A Beautiful Lie is my third story posted, and my first story published. It's about a girl from Alaska who moves from living with her aunt in Alaska to living with her Dad in California. She makes new friends and reunites with some old ones. Then they find out that she lied about so much in her past. Dani, the girl, has to stand up for herself and what she wants to her family and friends. It's sort of a coming of age story.

8. Which author inspires you most and why? (Mibba-wise or published author)

Edgar Allan Poe, James Patterson (the old stuff), and Stephen King. Oh and Rainer Maria Rilke is such a beautiful poet! There are people here on mibba who have inspired me over the years too. People like Vampire's_Addiction and Lokison. They give me the courage and support I need to continue posting.

9. What genre do you like to write most?

Fiction in general. I've written a few fan fictions, which I'm not a big fan of writing (they're just too awkward for me sometimes), I write a lot of fantasies, I tried to write a scifi story but it didn't work out. But if my head takes a notion it's hard to stop me from writing it.

10. How many stories have you finished?

On Mibba? 12 on here, and not posted.... I can't even count. I'm horrible about starting stories and then stop writing them.


1. What story are you currently working on?

The Science of Monsters: It's an Avengers Fan Fiction staring Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Both men are after the same goal. They want to save Scarlett O'Conner who has been injected with the Extremis virus. Tony wants to cure her virus, and Bruce just wants to preserve everything good about her before anyone can destroy it. It takes place during Iron Man 3 and then trails off into something new after Killian is destroyed.

The Last Wolf: This is Dahlia Raven Water's story. She is the last shifting werewolf in the world. She is beaten and tortured when the change takes place, but one boy saves her. Colt, or Shadow as they call him, is a shape shifter. His animal of choice is the wolf, but he can change into anything he wants. He wants Dahlia, but that's the one thing he doesn't know how to get. He can't save her from the truth. The truth that destroyed her real family.

Just a House?: Memphis Dupree is a struggling artist who gets the job of a lifetime. He is hired to restore an old house to it's former glory in anyway that he sees fit. The only problem with this happy ending is that there is a very pissed off ghost named Anna Jones Wade. She was involved in a very suspicious murder in 1950 and no one was ever convicted of her death. Can Memphis and Anna help each other, or will they destroy something beautiful.

Lunacy: This is a co-write about three little girls who are committed to an insane asylum for girl after committing horrific acts of violence. They grow up together inside this fun house for the insane.

Star Keeper: This is about a Legend older than time itself. This legend has only come true once in the last 500 years, but this tribe of shape shifting wolves believes that the great Star Keeper will bless them with a Star of their own. This star will bring prosperity to their people. What happens when two stars are found? What happens with the pack screw up gets involved? Things don't always go according to plan.

Heart & Soul: This hasn't been posted yet, but will be soon. It's a story about a clan of psychic vampires in the Underlands, a place below the human realm. Human's know it as hell, but Nicholai Romani calls it home. He works for a despicable man, stealing souls of anyone and everyone
that the Boss desires. Nick goes after a very important woman. Annika Windstrum is a very powerful witch, although she doesn't know it yet. But she's soon to find out how strong she is when she has to go confront Nick and the Boss in the Underlands in hopes of retrieving her soul and possibly saving her mother's soul too.

2. What is your biggest story pet peeve.

Grammar. Like...I'm okay with few errors but nothing turns me off of stories more than a paragraph littered with errors. ((I'm leaving this hear although it came from Victory's original survey, but I feel the exact same way.))

3. What is a story turn on?

Something that draws me in emotionally, shows me exactly what the scenes and characters look like. I don't like to be walked through a story, if the imagery is beautiful then I'm in for the ride.

4. Favorite genre?

Mysteries. Oh so lovely mysteries.

5. Original, fanfiction, or true stories?

I'm an original junkie. There was a time when I wouldn't read or write a fan fiction, but now I like to read them a little if they're really good and I'll write the occasional one.

6. Preferred chapter length.

I write shorter chapters. I read somewhere that it's easier to keep the reader's attention with short chapters that keep the story moving, so I try to take that approach. I like mid to long chapters when I'm reading though especially when there's a lot of twists and details involved.

7. How do you like your titles?

The shorter the better. If my curiosity is peeked by one word, then it's surly to be amazed by the story.

8. How do you come up with characters?

I hear these conversations in my head. All the time. People aren't necessarily talking to me, but I hear them talking and every so often a voice will be louder than the others. It draws my attention. And the more I listen, the more the voice sticks inside me. That's when I have my character.

9. Do you get attached to your characters?

My characters are my babies, my family, my loves. They are everything to me. I became a bit of a loner because of the people in my head but they've gotten me through a lot. I remember killing a character off, and actually planning a funeral in real life for him.

10. Have an opinion on self-inserts?

I like to put a little of myself into each story. I feel like it gives the story more to relate to, but if I'm reading something that doesn't involve self-inserts and it's really good, then I have no problem with it not being there.


1. How often do you write poetry?

Not very often anymore. I used to do it a lot more when I was in school.

2. Most popular poem on Mibba?

Perfection Doesn't Exist

3. Favorite poem you've ever wrote.

See above poem.

4. What's your style?

I do blank poetry. I think that's the right word? My poems rarely rhyme and when they do it's by happenstance. I also like narrative poems.

5. What kind of poems do you usually write?

see the above answer :)

6. Ever write a love poem for a significant other?

No. I've written poems about exes but never for SO's

7. Do you have a favorite type of poem?

Narratives. And whatever style Edgar wrote in. Oh my I love Edgar Allan Poe with all my heart.

8. How about a least favorite?

I don't like the epics. I mean, it's hard to stay focused for that long on a poem.

9. Poem turn-off?

Things being too poetic. Like...poetry should be natural, not overly-flowery. ((again stealing this from Victoria))

10. Poem turn-on?

Alliteration and imagery. I am a huge sucker for imagery.
January 28th, 2014 at 03:47am