Hello! yes glad I could grab your attention with that Loki reference kudos to those who got that reference! Anyways I haven't been on Mibba in soooooo freaking long for two reasons:

1. I was hella busy over the holidays with christmas and new year. Then had a loada shit go down between me and my boyfriend but s'all good now.

2. I really lost all motivation to write and when I tried to I just couldn't bring myself to write more than a few sentences but it seems to be coming back to me so lets all say a little prayer that it stays that way.

But I missed Mibba so much and now I'm back with big plans :) I plan on catching up with my three co-writes. I want to say a huge apology to all my sweet co-writers who have patiently been waiting on me getting my ass in gear, I love you guys. I'm sorry I've been so lazy but thats about to change ;) So yeah I have those to catch up on plus I'm planning on writing a few one shots that I have ideas for and I'm currently in the process of writing one which I'm pretty excited about. It's a Matt Tuck/Matt Sanders smutty two shot which will be up soon hopefully, there isn't enough out there! The world is deprived of sexy matt on matt action!

Again, sorry for my temporary hiatus but I'm back with motivation and smutty goodness!

PS. can we just take a minute to appreciate my first blog layout I made myself, which I'm quite proud of if I do say so myself. Yes I'm a pervert, but urghh Evan Peters is just too yummy I couldn't resist when I saw this gif. I don't know what I'm gonna do when AHS: Coven ends except await for the next season...

January 28th, 2014 at 04:22am