Dilled With Syn?

So last night I was talking to my lovely friend Embracing Shadows about my story Filled With Syn. I was on my Iphone and like if you really know me you'll know I type and talk too fast anyway so a lot of times I end up typing a bunch of gibberish or I hit the wrong keys.

Well the D is by F so that's how Dilled With Syn came about. I told my husband about it because he actually doesn't mind hearing about my stories, my obsession with Syn Gates or my fan girl hooplah. We all know I'm weird so I told him how I envisioned Synyster standing in this huge jar of pickle brine and he's playing his guitar like a God anyway bahaha! He thought it was funny lol.

That's what I think of when I say Dilled With Syn. Hehehe. So I love Matt for sure and he 's beautiful but I finally decided that Brian is the A7X guy for me metaphorically. He's so handsome and expressive with all his little quirks and facial expressions. Not to mention his sense of humor is totally up my alley. I could totally run away with him and writing stories with him is totally fun and easy.

Like he comes off as this....sometimes cocky famous guy but he's totally sweet too. I mean all the things he dedicated to Jimmy and I mean any man who owns a tiny little dog instead of a huge vicious one obviously has to have some cuddly feelings under the surface. Sigh....does anyone else think of Brian like everyday?
January 28th, 2014 at 03:54pm