More info about me

Rosi S. Phillips was born in 1993 with caramel colored skin, to a Nigerian immigrant father and a 2nd generation Finnish mother. With this background, International awesomeness was soon to follow.

Rosi attended public schools in Cleveland (Ohio), Richfield (Minnesota) and Washington, DC and ultimately received a scholarship to attend Emerson Preparatory School In Dupont Circle, graduating at 16. Rosi then headed to Egypt for a year abroad to study Arabic in Cairo. Secretly, her friends wonder how her presence in Egypt may have sparked the Revolution, but her host family has assured her it is simply not the case.

Rosi splits her time now between being an awesome daughter, learning Persian, and figuring out how to complete her studies in less than 5 years now that she’s a double major in Women’s Studies and Persian. A Grim Love: Can’t Fight Time is her first published book. You can read her other works on her blog page and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and yes, even G+.

Rosi loves sushi, Escapy (her fish), family, friends, reading, traveling and learning new languages. Rosi aspires to be a polyglot through travelling the world and being open to the possibilities.
January 28th, 2014 at 05:31pm