Plagiarism isn't something I usually have to worry about, my mediocre writing skills and basic plots made me feel comfortable that nobody would attempt to steal my work. This was proved wrong, when I was innocently searching the title of one of my fan fictions, mainly because people like to put it in their on-line rec lists, and I like to thank them for that.

But what I found was my fan fiction, posted on a fan fiction website that I really do not like very much, and so I was looking and I saw that someone had posted it pretty much word for word. Though what insulted me the most was that they changed some parts of it, so that they could rate it PG-13. That is an insult to me and my writing, I like the way the fan fiction was, I did not ask for things to be taken out. It's rude and hurtful.

They did however state that it wasn't theirs, which I am grateful for, but the fact is they didn't ask me if they could post it. I find that incredibly disrespectful. As the author, I should be the only person to decide where my fan fiction is posted.

I'm not, and will never be, okay with this happening as it is SO rude. I'm pretty upset about it.

Please do not make me go through this again, as I am working very hard to get my work taken down from sites where I haven't posted it. If it happens again I will seriously consider making my work private or simply not posting.

Thank you.
January 30th, 2014 at 05:47pm