My Charisma Score is Quite Low Indeed

Today has been an interesting one to say the least. Since I doubt anyone will read this, I'll go ahead with the mundane details. A couple of good things happened right off the bat, such as; Zelda Four Swords Anniversary edition is free on Nintendo eShop and I found a website that sells really awesome pokemon shirts. After that my boyfriend and I had a little spat. We don't have those often and when we do they are initially very emotionally draining, but enlightening later when I have had time to calm down. So after that I ran a few errands with my mother and then came home. Not that long ago we had another spat. And I felt like the worst girlfriend ever when he got off the web call so quickly, so much so that I started crying. Keep in mind I never once cried over my ex when we broke up or when we were dating. This guy I am with, we've been together a little over 5 months now, has had a huge impact on my life, and on days like today he manages to slap me with a big dose of reality without even trying. After we talked it over he finally said, we're still building the relationship here lil lady (his exact words). He reminded me that he too enjoys the slow pace and does not wish to be pressured like he was with his ex, which I completely understand because mine was like that as well, and he said that he really does care about me and does not want to ever hurt me. I'm still learning and growing in this relationship and as an adult, and I think it will benefit me in the long run if I keep a list of things such as what he said for reminders when I'm about to make an ass of myself and shove my foot in my mouth.

1. We both agree that a couple should not move in together until after 2 years of dating, at that point it's whether or not you feel ready to take that leap or not.

2. We're taking things slow. Sure we have sex regularly and we say 'I love you' to each other, but we're still learning about each and what works best for us as individuals and as a couple.

3. Building a relationship takes time, and you must be someone willing to take the time to do so. No matter how jealous I may get when he likes other girls pictures I will keep in mind that he's willing to put effort into making this work, and that's good enough for me.

4. He has insecurities just like me, and much like me he's not very vocal about them, but I must do everything in my power to make him feel loved. He may still have those insecurities and things that he finds wrong with himself, and I can't "cure" him or "save" him, he must do that on his own. I am no super hero and I will not adopt that complex that so many people have where they think they can "save/change" someone, when in reality they can't. A person must change on their own, at their own pace, and at their own will.

That's all for now I guess. On a happier note;
1. I have a job now. (3rd job I've ever had)
2. This weekend is going to be amazing.
3. MegaCon is in March and I must finish my Levy cosplay ASAP.
4. Welcome to Rockville is in April and I'm super stoked about that.
5. I'm hopefully going to see Lindsey Sterling in concert for the first time in July.
6. Now that I have my Associates I have applied to the University I want to go to. I just hope I get in and can find a way to pay for it.
7. I love my relationship, even the bad times because chances are they'll turn into learning and growing experiences. I wouldn't trade it for the world. He might not be the greatest sex I've ever had, but he's pretty damn amazing and special to me, and just wish he would understand that already. I love him and care about him deeply. And I want to see this relationship go places.
January 31st, 2014 at 08:00am