"Frozen is the first Disney movie to..."

Let me just stop you right there. Now, before I say anything, just know that I'm not somehow implying that Frozen is a terrible movie or anything of the sorts. Quite the opposite. I do feel it is a very good film, but there are some things I'm just overall sick of hearing. So before you give me shit and try to change my mind (which, go right ahead on doing, if you see something wrong with my statements, I would absolutely love to hear other peoples' inputs), at least try and understand where I'm coming from on this. Let's start then, right?

"Frozen is the first Disney movie to show that sisters and family are more important than guys!"

Hey, let's talk about Lilo & Stitch, which came out in 2002. First off, Nani, Lilo's older sister, is 18, maybe 19-years-old, and she is suddenly put in charge of taking care of her sister, who is no older than 8, at the very absolute most. I even think she was as young as six, if I remember correctly. Their parents die, and they're struggling to get by, but they're doing it nonetheless. And you know what? It's all because of Nani. She's only just barely an adult, who has to work a job to make ends meet as well as take care of her baby sister so that she doesn't get taken by Child Protection. At her age, she should be in school, dating, doing things that all young women do. You wanna know something? She doesn't. She does everything she can to make sure that Lilo has a good childhood and grows up with the best she can give, even after the abrupt loss of their parents. She allows Lilo to believe what she wants to (feeding Pudge the fish every Thursday because he "controls the weather"), and she doesn't criticize her hobbies (taking pictures of tourists and other natives) because she knows how much they mean to Lilo. With David constantly asking her out, she rejects him even though she does want to date him, and it's because she's going out of her way to make things work. For Lilo. Her sister. Because Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind (or forgotten). She doesn't leave Lilo behind to go out and do the things others her age do, and she instead grows up overnight to raise her baby sister like an adopted mother would.

"But the score is so beautiful!"

The Lilo & Stitch score was done by a chorus group from an elementary school, and it's in a different language. Tell me, what about that isn't beautiful?

"Well it's the first Pixar movie to show that girls don't need..."

Well, actually, there's this nifty little Pixar movie called Brave—which came out, what, two years ago?—where the female protagonist, Merida, doesn't want to get married because she knows she can do things without a husband, and then she goes out and risks her life to save her family. Sure, she may have been the cause of her mother and siblings turning into bears, but she does save them in the end, doesn't she? (I'll admit, I only saw that movie once when it first came out in theaters, so I don't remember much other than that.)

If those aren't enough for you, how about Mulan? Y'know, the one where the girl went to war to save her father and not because she was hoping to gain the affection of anyone?

I would go on to talk about the animation right now, but I know that if I did that, anyone who wasn't offended before would definitely become offended now, so we'll just skip over that little tidbit.

I completely understand that a lot of Disney movies don't have this 'sisters before misters' ideology, but don't go and categorize Frozen as being the first and only to do so when, in fact, it's really not. I also understand that everyone has their own opinion, but I feel that at this point, the hype about Frozen is just a little overboard. I mean, really, a sing-along version?

Please, if I made a mistake somewhere in here about any of these movies, feel free to let me know. I won't be offended, though I've probably offended everyone who's even read this far. If you can think of other Disney/Pixar movies where sisters come before guys, I would love to know which ones! And if you're just upset and want to try and change my opinion by saying some rude things, please, feel free.
February 2nd, 2014 at 05:11am