some of you people write so fast/twd season 4b soon/ymas have a #1 album

jesus. i see some of y'all posting shit a few times a week and it's like. how do you DO that.

maybe it's my recent writer's block or maybe i've always written slowly but like?? wow. some of you guys are REALLY productive. i am very jealous give me some of that productivity damn.

anyway the walking dead comes back next weekend which i'm super excited about (sort of but kind of not bc it hurts me). i miss having norman reedus and steven yeun as part of my weekly routine. i need glenn and maggie reunited asap.

also YOU ME AT SIX HAVE THE NUMBER 1 ALBUM IN THE UK RIGHT NOW and i am so proud fuck i've listened to them since 2008 i feel like a proud mother honestly. if you haven't gotten the album yet you should btw. it's good. like really really good. i am biased but still. get it. it's good.

other than that i have nothing to say i've been embroidering a lot and dealing with my writer's block and doing a lot of group therapy stuff for my PTSD and making gifsets of saw traps and overall everything has been pretty unexciting really
February 3rd, 2014 at 11:25am