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I'm Back/Life Update

After god knows long of not having internet I'm back up and running with it. I've only been gone for so long due to the fact that I recently moved out of my apartment from the advice of police and other people. It didn't take me long to find a place thankfully but my god it took me ages to get it set up and ready to use properly. I'm completely in love with this place and it's so much better than the last and the best bit? It's in the middle of nowhere so I basically can't be found.

The reason I moved is because as some of you may know I broke up with my abusive boyfriend last year and he was basically harassing me all the time. It had got to the point where he had sent some people to break into my apartment and rob the shit out of it so I lost so much stuff but hey, I managed to claim it all back and get newer things so who's the real winner out of it?

But I'm still happy with my decision of leaving him and even happier now knowing he probably won't ever find me.

Also, I will be updating my story called Fear. sometime over the next couple of days. A big thank you to Vicky aka vickyptv for uploading the most recent chapter. Go check her out, she mainly writes fanfic but she's a fab writer.


Okayyy, so I recently started using my tumblr's more. So if anyone of you have it then drop me a follow.

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I will follow you all back on it. Tumblr is such a wonderful site, much like this one.
February 6th, 2014 at 12:44am