Wake up, Mibba.

If you ever read my blogs, you know that I’m not the kind of person to say negative things. For the most part, my blogs are always cheery and happy. But while I’m not unhappy in this blog, I want to address something that needs to be addressed here on Mibba because it is driving me absolutely crazy.

Greed. You may be aware that it is one of the seven deadly sins. Well a lot of people are sinning hella amounts in this case because of this trend I’m noticing where people on Mibba only want to talk to you if they can get favors from you, or they comment on something because they want something in return, and I’m getting very annoyed to see this not only on my blog, but on others.

Not to long ago, I posted a blog about writing buddies, taking from the amazing and talented Katie Mosing and I got several replies/ messages. I adore my writing buddies, but most of the people that I began talking to talked to me about help on their story then vanished, and those same people never comment on my blogs.

I thought maybe I was crazy, but then not more than a few days ago, I posted a blog bout music playlists, and if anyone needed a good playlist to let me know. I got a few comments, and about 5 PMs asking for good playlists and I told them all perfect ones. Never heard from people again after that.

And then the one that annoyed me to no end. I offer help and tips all over Mibba. I leave comments on the story I read, I write on all of my writing friends stories, blogs, rec them, and they do the same (the ones I still talk to) I do blogs that are fun and stuff, but the minute I ask in a blog for help- no one responded, save for one VERY nice person.

I asked for help on a writing assignment, and all of the people who ask favors of me all of the time were no where to be found. Because people don’t like to help others as much as they like when others help themselves, and it’s beginning to drive me crazy, not only because it’s happening to me, but because it’s happening to other Mibbians, especially ones who don’t deserve it.

If you aren’t willing to give someone, don’t take from someone. Mibba is a place where we are supposed to GIVE ourselves as well as TAKE from others. But if you’re not going an even amount of both, it becomes a problem and a really big pain in the ass for people who try to make it a fun place for trade secrets, comment swaps, and writing tips.

This is not aimed at anyone in particular. This is a complete umbrella explanation for what I’m seeing going on, and I really wish that it would stop. I’m going to keep doing things for people, but if you’re someone who has just realized you aren’t giving a little, just do something nice for people. It goes such a long way to people who put so much effort into helping others, honestly. I’m not angry with anyone, I’m just frustrated that people are so eager for self promotion that they don’t think about the people offering that promotion, or they don’t help that person when they want help from someone.

Just be a little more flexible, Mibba. Be a little more generous in your comments, your answers. Don’t just take all of the Halloween treats (don’t get me started on mibba candy bowls, I hate them.) and maybe sit around for a little, talk to the vendor.
February 9th, 2014 at 05:12pm