5 things you should do in the shower

So I was thinking in the shower of what I could do as a cool blog post or something and it hit me: things that you should do in the shower. I have like a few very random, beauty tips for when in the shower that I've picked up from mom, beauty shows, and even people in sephora just off handedly telling me stuff. So I thought that I would share, because it all seems to work!!

One- Do not take long hot showers. Keep it under 15 minutes if you're running really, really hot water. It's REALLY bad for your skin. So keep long showers at a medium temperatures as to not override your pores. It's good for short periods of time, but going for too long opens them up and your soap gets locked in there.

Two- Use sugar scrub on your thighs and butt! I know that this sounds weird, but firmly scrubbing your butt and thighs with a sugar scrub helps get rid of cellulite. The scrubs get the fatty molecules moving and it tones and shapes your rear end when scrubbing it. It's actually really helped me over the past few months because it gets those molecules working in your ass or something. Dr. Oz told me to do it so I did. (I suggest sugar crush by Soap and Glory because it smells soooo good)

Three- If your hair is really dry and you think your conditioner isn't helping, try counting to 100 before you wash out your conditioner. On dry or really tangly days, I put my conditioner in and then let it sit while I shave both legs in entirety and then I wash it out. I know a lot of people say you shouldn't leave it in because it'll make your hair greasy, but I promise that leaving it in while shaving or washing something else helps with the dryness and makes it about 100x easier to brush out when wet.

Four- For obnoxiously soft/ smooth legs, use a soap that has scrub in it. I have a St. Ives soap scrub. Its tiny, tiny sugar scrubs in a really lathery soap and I put this all over my legs and scrub a little before I shave and I've never had softer leg. But avoid the scrubs that have chunky pieces. I'm talking about SOAP scrubs not just sugar scrub. THERE IS a difference, I promise.

Five- Sing as loud as you can. It has been proven by me and teenage girls across the world that singing as loud and off key as you can in the shower heals the soul. I don't know if this has been scientfically proven but it's been proven by me which is like the same thing. So whatever.

Now go out there and get a shower, you stinky betch.
February 15th, 2014 at 06:02pm