So weird stuff is happening.

As you may know, I broke up with him on Thursday. But the thing is that no matter how mad I am, I never blocked him from anything. Well maybe I stopped him from seeing my posts on face book but then I was like fuck that; let him see it.

Now I go on face book last night to see that the "female" who told me about his wrong ways, was deleted. I never deleted her and she "never deleted me either". So I had re-added her and we are back as friends on face book, but besides that. I went on Skype today and was looking through my contacts, well he wasn't there. When I went to my favorties he was there with the blocked symbol so I clicked it and it said "In order to contact them you have to unblock them" So I'm sitting here like WTF? I didnt block him. Why is he blocked? So I unblocked him and his name came back up on my skype.

I am honestly massively confused, like I didn't do any of this.

Did I do this in my sleep or did someone hack into my stuff and do it? I dont understand.
February 15th, 2014 at 09:19pm