Writing styles

Hello, I'm Juliet (Lucky J is what my sign name means it's also my main Character's sign name).
I'm Deaf. I lost my hearing at 6 days old so i was pretty much born deaf. I have have some residual hearing I can hear music but not in the way you do, I'd say it's like hearing vibrations but I can tell if it's happy or sad.
I can not hear speech at all.

I've been writing a story called Love Is Deaf, Not Blind. I've been changing my style as I write. I'd like to work out one style. I'd like to work out what people understand better.

I'm wondering when I use sigh this is how i pull it 'This is how sign looks in my story.' I use English grammar for sign. Would you be able to understand if I used Auslan Grammar (i'm not fluent in Asl even though my story is based in America)?

"I had 1 Story, but now i have 2." Now for the sentence in Auslan Grammar. 'In the past 1 story i have now 2 story i have.'

another example of Auslan grammar "You-#J-E-N-Drive-Car-New-Red?"
'Did you and Jennifer drive in your new red car?

Also I'm wondering if you'd enjoy reading what the signs look like? For eg.

I hold out both my hands palms to the ground raise my left and lower it as I mouth 'slow down'.

another example?

He then shocks me by doing the actually sign for my name Jocelyn, the sign for lucky but using your middle finger instead of pointer,

What are you interested in reading from a deaf person's POV?
February 15th, 2014 at 11:35pm