Quick question for people with piercings.

So, I've had my monroe done for almost two years now. But, I recently got a job where I have to wear a clear plug, because my boss doesn't think it's appropriate (which is fine with me, btw).

My problem is this: I took my clear plug out to eat one day when I was out of town, and I lost it. I freaked out at first, because I was terrified that the hole was going to close up before I got home and could put the actual ring back in. So I went to sleep that night, and when I woke up the next morning I went straight home and tried to put the ring back in. Well, the hole had already closed up. And I don't mean it was a little hard to get it in, either. I mean it was COMPLETELY CLOSED. I numbed my lip with ice and tried to just push it through, but it absolutely would not budge.

I almost got a sewing needle out of a sewing kit and just tried to re-pierce it myself, but I'm a nurse and get pretty paranoid about those kinds of things because I see some bad things happen to people who pierce themselves sometimes.

Anyway, I want to go get it re-pierced, but I'm terrified because I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to piercings. I have tattoos, and they don't bother me. But piercings are another story for me.

So here's my question for someone with experience with getting re-pierced: does it hurt worse the second time? Did it hurt less? Was it the same?

I would really like to know before I get it done, because, like I said, I'm a huge baby when it comes to piercings. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
February 17th, 2014 at 07:18am