Blatant, Ignored Olympic Sexism

I've been watching the Olympics like crazy. Although I don't really pay much attention to the news anchors rambling about the sports in between takes, there's a moment that still sticks out to me even though it was about a week ago. I'm honestly shocked no one picked up on this comment, or has remarked on this moment. It was honestly very degrading and disgusting. I hadn't even caught it at first- my boyfriend heard it first and rewound the clip so that I could hear it for myself. I can't remember what team the USA women were playing, but it had been a fierce matchup.

Enter Chris Colinsworth when they cut to the analysis of the game. He exclaims, "I was prepared to see a women's hockey game, but instead we got a hockey game!"

I'm not sure if those are his exact words, I can't remember exactly, but it was to that tone. Of course, there's a difference in the style of hockey played by men and women. You don't even need to be a hockey fan to understand that a difference in body compositions will create physical limitations and whatnot. However, this does not mean that women athletes deserve this kind of treatment or mocking.

His words and his tone was nauseating. It basically says he was going into this game thinking nothing less of it, expecting it to be some kind of joke to him. He must've been SO BAFFLED when he saw that WOW, WOMEN CAN PLAY HOCKEY TOO. WOW. THIS IS A REAL THING. Jesus. Just thinking about this makes me so mad.

His blatant sexism toward women was disgusting; it was clear in his tone and words that he took the women's hockey team as some kind of joke, or a humored notion. It was just infuriating and insulting.

End rant.
February 18th, 2014 at 08:32pm