Live Blog: "Gorgeous Nightmare" by scarykidsscaringkids

Okay so this is my first live blog!

Gorgeous Nightmare by scarykidsscaringkids

(I have literally written everything I said and yes, I do talk to myself a lot.

-Okay lets do this
-oh escape the fate I like them
-let's see character...oh my god she's pretty
-so first chapter
-well that escalated quickly
-that would happen to me if I met Max like "hi" "I don't like you" well fuck you too then
-aw I wish Craig was my bother
-oh my god I thought I was the only one who thought Craig looked like a goat
-Max don't be rude
-chapter two lets gooo
-what the fuck Dani didn't do anything Max stop
-Max if you like her then stop being an asshole
-isn't hot topic the American version of pulp
-Ohhh what if Cody wants to get with Dani to annoy Max
-Aww poor Max I feel bad now
-wait Max might be lying
-nah I think he's telling the truth
-okay final chapter now
-oh god Max has changed again
-oh Kelsey maybe she'll tell the truth
-Max is right I knew it
-oh shit
-aw nice Max is nice

Okay so that's that done, this is full proof I talk to myself way too much, but I'm glad I did this, it's fun and it was a good story, so go read!
February 22nd, 2014 at 08:48pm