C'est La Vie

I have never actually done a blog on Mibba but I figured now or never.

I am seventeen years old. I have moved ten times to four different countries. I speak four languages.

People say I have had my fair share of terrible events happen to me.

I am a twin. My brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor when we were seven. He fought and was very brae. I was so proud of him. He was my best friend and the best person I have ever known. He passed away when we were 12.

Two years ago when I was 15, my father was deployed to Afghanistan and when he was driving back from the airport after he had gotten back home. A drunk driver hit him and he was killed. The drunk driver, a teenage girl who was 19, walked away with a broken wrist. My mother was devistated so that left my little brother and I to work and cook and clean and keep the house running.

Last month, my cousin passed away due to complications due to AIDS. He was a really good guy. He couldn't afford the medicine needed to help keep AIDS under control as he didn't have a job due to the fact that he was so sick. It was a terrible situation and unfortunately my family couldn't help him because my mom and I both work two jobs and are barely making rent and I have college to pay for as well.

I'm not bitter or angry because I know for whatever reason, this happened for a reason.

If anyone has any questions, I am pretty open about stuff that has happened or anything like that.

It's nice to talk about stuff knowing potentially no one will read or no one really cares but it makes me feel better writing this all down.
February 24th, 2014 at 10:35pm