Tell me how you got into writing!

I want to get to know more people and become friends because everyone on this site is so damn friendly and I'm quite shy when I talk to people. So I'll tell you how I got into writing!

I was failing English miserably. Each test my teacher gave me in year 10, I was either getting U's, E's or just plain fails. My teacher knew I had a really overactive imagination and she sat down with me for an hour during another lesson one day and we just spoke about things. I confided in her about my self-harm and she told me another way to release all the stress and anger I had built up inside of me.


She asked what music I was into, what my favourite band was and who was my favourite member. When I told her, she told me to use my imagination and put my thoughts down onto a word document. For my first attempt on wattpad it was pretty rubbish but I'm somewhat proud of it as it helped me stop harming for a while and I would feel great about myself after writing.

And here I am, four years later, still writing about that same band member but my writing has drastically improved, I'd say. I passed English with an A* and I'm waiting to go to University in September to study Creative Writing and hopefully take it further.

So there you have it.

How did you get into writing? I'd love to know!
March 3rd, 2014 at 02:27pm