Happy Pi[e] Day!

March 14th is National Pi Day and Mibba is holding a Pi/Pie themed scavenger hunt. It's on your My Mibba page and a ton of fun. I highly recommend it.

My absolute favorite pie in the entire world is blackberry lattice. Lattice pies are the ones with the criss cross top crust. I loved it because if you put sugar on the top crust, it caramelizes on the edges so much better and it's so much yummier. I think blackberries cook up super sweet.

I've only had this pie a few times though because no one really bothers to make it.

I much prefer fruit pies to chocolate or cream pies. Raspberry or cherry is great. I don't like strawberry when it's just the cold stuff in a crust, but baked is amazing.

Apple is just so boring, but I'll eat it. Same with pumpkin.

As picky as I am, I love almost any pie.
March 7th, 2014 at 08:50pm