WHEN: 8 MAR 14
WHERE: 360’s

I got to his house at 1 in the morning. we watched TV and smoked a cigarette before he kissed me on the couch and then we had sex in his guest room. We smoked more, afterward watching Donnie Darko. We talked about the soundtrack and tattoos and Chuck palahniuk books. Then another cigarette and he kissed me on the balcony. I kissed him on the couch before we had sex again. During, it was 4:30 A.m. and i called a cab. I got home later than i’d meant to, so i'm grounded for a bit and this might be my last kiss log for a while

Sorry,this entry feels so brief! I don't really know whats going on anymore!!!!!
What i think i know:

1. I kind of like 360, but maybe not for the reasons i should
2. I miss the shit outta Boy (normal Boy,not the weird Boy he’s been lately)
3. 360 is so handsome it’s almost cruel
4. It’s easier with 360 than its ever been with Boy
5. Sex-wise, in no universe would 360 ever bore me

If i could choose Boy, i think i would but i don't think he’s an option, at least not now. In april, I'm leaving on a trip to Greece with him and some other friends;i hope he’s stopped avoiding me by then
March 10th, 2014 at 03:49am