Lip Reading

Hi guys,
So I've been hanging around a group of hearing kids since I started doing my patisserie course and I've only just realized how bad I am at reading lips. I thought I was actually pretty good at it, turns out i'm not.

This lead me to thinking about lip reading. How many of you have tried it?

We all know my main character in Love is Deaf, Not Blind is deaf and also good a lip reading. But now i wonder how much should she really understand?

I was Youtubing Lip reading and came across this video. I loved the Hunger Game movie, the first time I watched it was without subtitles in a Cinema. I think i got more right than this video but it shows how easy it is to mistake words when lip reading.

The picture below is of the mouth saying different letters can you understand which letters go to which mouth?


By the way sorry i haven't updated my stories been busy with school
March 14th, 2014 at 04:59pm