Boys on Boys on Boys

Trying to post more blogs because I've been away from the blog section for a while because I was too busy writing and also I fear what might happen if I'm gone too long because apparently a lot of things happen in my absence. LIKE MY POOR HAYLIVER. THEY'VE BEEN PUT THROUGH SOME PAIN WHILE I WAS GONE. But I won't get into that because I'm back to heal them and though I also have an hurtful Hayliver story coming soon, I'm going to post a sweet one, too. Okay, I'm done talking about this because that's not what this blog is going to be about.

Since I told Shay I'd do this, here's my blog of beautiful boys that make my heart melt with their perfectness. BECAUSE THEY BE HELLA FINE, THO. Also, this isn't going to be the only blog about this. I'll probably do another one tomorrow, but we'll see. Most of these are band boys, but there's one exception because I had to include him.


William Beckett


Ayyye, remember The Academy Is...? They were so wonderful and that's when I discovered the beautiful human being that is William Beckett. I still love him even though the band is no longer together and that kinda broke my heart, but he's still amazing with HIS LOVELY FACE AND LUSCIOUS HAIR AND TALLNESS. Ugh, just. Keep being you, William.

Jordan Eckes


He is cute as shit and I love him and his adorableness. One of these days I am going to steal him and we can sing together. All I want in life is a beautiful boy to sing beautiful songs with me, THEREFORE I AM TAKING JORDAN BECAUSE HE IS PERFECT FOR THE JOB. WE WILL SING UNTIL THERE ARE NO MORE SONGS TO SING AND AFTER THAT WE'LL WRITE MORE SONGS TOGETHER.

John Ohh


I. Just. He is perfect. With his beautiful face and his beautiful voice and his beautiful everything. AND I'LL SAY SOMETHING RASH, HE HAS THE MOST AMAZING...SMILE. Omg look a reference But really, his face does things to me and I can't take it and seriously, can he serenade me so I can just run into his arms.

Josh Franceschi


LOOK UP IN THE SKY. IT'S NOT A FUCKING BIRD OR PLANE AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE FUCK YOU COULD MAKE THOSE GUESSES. NO, IT'S SUPERJOSH. HE'S SO LOVELY WITH HIS HYPNOTIC BLUE EYES AND HIS HAIR AND THAT LITTLE TATTOO ON HIS FINGER. Ugh, he's so sweet and gorgeous and like he needs to stop being such a wonderful lad because I can't take it. I seriously can't. It's not fair. It's also not fair that HE GOT TO MEET JACQUI. LIKE NO. THAT'S MY SHEEPCAT. I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO MEET HER NOT YOU. But I still love you, Joshua.

Jeremy Davis


Oh, Jeremy. You are such a wonderful person. He's so chill and like on stage he's so crazy with his flips and all that because he's so freakin' passionate. AND NOW HE'S A WONDERFUL FATHER. YAY FOR DADDY JEREMY BECAUSE BLISS IS SUCH A LUCKY LITTLE FAIRY PRINCESS TO HAVE HIM AS HER DAD. He's so loving and smart and wise. I would totally sit down and just chat with him because he'd be so cool to hang out with. And look at those eyes. Those eyes and his perfect facial hair and his neat hair. Ugh, and he's so stylish like yes Jeremy.

Taylor York


BOTH PARABOYS ARE ON MY BLOG YES. You knew this was coming. You all hella knew this was coming. Words cannot describe how much I fucking adore this boy because he's so awkward and lovely and talented. He's done so much for Paramore and omg have you seen his hair. THE CURLS THE WONDERFUL PERFECT CURLS. You wanna know how amazing he is? When the Farro brothers left, Hayley was so afraid he was going to leave, too. She wasn't as close to him, so he thought he had no reason to stay. But you know what Taylor said? He said he wasn't going anywhere because he had a lot to do with Paramore SO HE TOOK OVER AS ONE OF THE SONG WRITERS AND STAYED BECAUSE HE LOVES HAYLEY AND JEREMY AND HE'S FUCKING PERFECT OKAY. PERFECT.

Nyjah Huston


And now for the exception. The non-band boy that makes my heart melt is Nyjah Huston, a pro skateboarder who's so amazing. Okay, so story time: my dad skateboards and he used to film a lot of skateboarders, so I know way more about skateboarding than any other sport out there. Nyjah was actually one of the skateboarders he's filmed and it was way back when Nyjah was just a kid. Yeah, he's my age and my dad filmed him and I'm like WHY DIDN'T YOU INTRODUCE US LIKE RIGHT NOW HE COULD'VE BEEN MY BOYFRIEND.

Alright, so that's my blog of wonderful boys. This was fun to do and I'm now going to just run away now because I'm still single like why. Also, I want to see You Me at Six in April, but have nobody to go with and I would go alone if it wasn't in Oakland, but it is and I don't want to get shot like no way.

But hey, I might find a way. I always find a way. I'm one of those crazy girls, after all.

March 24th, 2014 at 10:22pm