Teen Wolf: Divine Move

I would forget to do the finale blog. Sigh.

Okay. So after watching this episode I couldn't help but think that Insatiable - the ep before - was better than the finale. I also thought that in 3A episode 11 was better than the finale. I definitely liked the ep but I wish there was a bit more mourning of Allison rather than pushing her death aside because of evil Stiles and etc. Although seeing STILES HUG PAPA STILINSKI WAS SO GREAT.

I like that Malia's going to be going to Beacon Hills and she's such a badass chick that she's gonna fit in great. PLUS SHE'S GOING TO BE STILES' LOVE INTEREST AW YEAH. I'm excited for some future Lydia/Malia scenes. I think Lydia/Kira/Malia will definitely be an interesting group to work with.


I feel like when Mama McCall said to Scott in the first ep of 3B "you're going to fall in love again" that was a little hint that Allison was going to die. Jeff Davis said that in many tv shows/movies rely on the fact that you're always going to be with your first love but it's not entirely realistic and so as much as I loved the Scallison ship, I'm excited to see how Kira and Scott will be. There'll definitely be some awkwardness we can expect but seeing them become a pair in this season has defs turned me on to the Scira ship.


That cliffhanger was so great. Wow. I love the actress who plays her Jill Wagner - you gotta admit she's hot as HELL. Kate is also so psychotic that it's going to be great to see her return. Also Derek's getting a love interest next season and she's not going to be a sociopath! I can't wait.

ImageImage SO GREAT

Can we talk about the Sterek scene also though - how in Derek's subconscious he's having a dream ft Stiles? STILES? I know. I KNOW.

"Dude. It's Beacon Hills."
He must've figured it out when he did that paper on currents.


Huge round of applause for Dylan O'Brien's acting.

I love that Scira + Stydia were dreaming that the Oni were attacking them in the snow. It totally warped my mind.

This blog is all over the place and not even focusing on the main conflicts here. Apologies. Oh. And Daniel Sharman isn't coming back next season because he wants to go into pilot season. But he's asked to not kill off Isaac so he can come back.

Jeff was going to have Isaac's storyline be that Chris and Isaac form a fatherly-son bond because Allison was going to ask her dad that if anything were to happen to her, she would ask that Isaac have a home to go to.

Also. Stiles made a great divine move. And I'm super excited for s4. I can't wait til June 23rd. If I have an exam on that day I might cry.
March 29th, 2014 at 05:51am