WHEN: 5 APR 14
WHERE: 360’S

I got to his house at midnight, and I remember, when he opened the door for me,only thinking about how fucking handsome he is. i don't think these entries are very interesting. What always happens is i come over during a.m. hours, and we watch TV for a bit before smoking a cigarette on his balcony,watching the cars and talking. He kisses me on the couch tasting of beer, Turkish royals,and twizzlers

For the next couple hours,we stay in bed, having sex 3 times. He pulls my hair and chokes me; Sometimes he'll bite my right earlobe and it tickles. He doesnt try to hold my hand, instead he digs his fingernails into the nape of my neck and scratches all the way down to my lower back. Each time after,he lets me wear his sweaters and we smoke more cigarettes,sometimes talking but I like it when we don't,too

Later when the cab arrived, i had to pull away when he kissed me goodbye because i was already leaving much later than i'd hoped (Im so terrible at keeping track of time when i am with him)

Im always over the moon after seeing 360, but then i think it over u know,try to write a KISS LOG about seeing him and i can tell it's all fairly boring. I do like 360 because hes essentially the boy version of me. I think he likes me because he thinks im pretty and he can tell i'm pretty much the girl version of him. He seems to know exactly what i want when we fuck and i think we're in every way what the other's looking for(at the moment) but still, I cant pinpoint why i feel so unsatisfied with him

Earlier this week Boy confided in my best friend that he likes me again. this past month i thought over and over about what i would do if i had another chance with him. This thursday i leave on a field trip to Greece with Boy and i already know i wont be able to help myself around him. I also know ill still want to keep seeing 360, and if it came down to it, i would choose 360. Being with Boy could never last and i can already predict the way it'd end
April 7th, 2014 at 12:21am