Jon Snow FanFictions // Questions of the Day?

So I'm really into the Game of Thrones books and tv show right now.

I was kind of wondering if anyone be interested if I started one? Either way I've been trying to find a couple good ones on Mibba for the last couple of days because I just wanted a feel for what most people expect out a really good fanfic.

So I'm free to suggestions!

Questoins of the day:
1. Do you watch or read GoT?
2. Who is your favorite character & why?
3. Happy to be halfway through the week?
4. What are you doing right at this moment?

This is also pretty random, but I'm interested in finding out what a lot of people use to make their own banners and covers. I've tried a few, but nothing looks nearly as cool as quite a handful I've seen. Do I need to be a photoshop guru?

Look forward to talking to ya'll!

April 9th, 2014 at 02:06pm