KISS LOG.13 (night before greece)

WHEN: 7-8 APR 14
WHERE: 360’S

I snuck out to see him on a Monday nite,because 360 wanted to see me before i leave for Greece this thursday. We watched malcolm in the middle and i kissed him first (he is the best fucking kisser;It's almost impossible to keep up with him), then we had sex. I think he could tell i was feeling tired. Afterward neither of us had any cigarettes,so we smoked weed instead(despite the fact I havent been a big fan lately). I played with his cat even though im allergic (my left eye puffed up slightly)and i fell asleep on top of him while waiting for my cab

Ive been having a really good week. I wasnt expecting this kiss log to happen at all,then i got a 30 on the act and aced my APUSH term paper! Im friends with Boy again, hopefully we stay just friends. N tomorrow, im flying to Greece

I think im going to see 360 again tonite! I hope everything goes well :-)
April 10th, 2014 at 05:12am