This Is Why Social Networking Sites Tend to Suck

Okay I joined a few free stuff groups on facebook , because I am in need of yarn which in my opinion is minor compared to what others need. So I noticed a woman who too was looking for yarn and getting no responses at all, so I commented on her post and told her I knew how she felt and we been conversing about it on her post. Well soon after people tuned into our conversations and started making offers to me and her. Immediately one of the admins told me I could not accept any of the offers that were being made to me because it was not my post.

And of course I told her I do not get what she wanted me to do, when people close to my vicinity were trying to give me free yarn as well, and she said it doesn't matter that I could not accept any of it. Than after that, she removed and blocked me from the site. The lady that I was conversing with was puzzled by the admins action because she did not feel like I did anything wrong since I was only accepting the offers made to me and not to her.

And Lastly I was trying to sell an Applebee's gift card since the admins are always saying to offer something to sell in return and this gift card is the only thing I have that is of any value except my laptop which of course I need, so I tried to sell and immediately people start expecting it for half it's price which if you ask me is kind of funny, because a lot of other members on the site are selling things for ridiculous prices but for some reason everyone seems to attack me and no one else. Like i am started to feel like there is some kind of bizarre thing going on here and I am so sick of it. I don't mind if there are rules as long as they just don't apply to me but to everyone else.
April 18th, 2014 at 06:08pm