New Frozen Blog! || With Gifs

So I made a new frozen blog. Do you like it?
I hope you do, I spent the last hour and half on it. I always have the put the margins and padding really weird because I dont know if there's a better way to do it.
Oh well, I did my best.
You know whats hard? Finding a seemless repeat of the snow. Jesus. I tried like twenty different ones before I settled on the one I have now.

Besides Elsa, I'd have to say Olaf is my favorite. He's just so adorable and cute and oh my god.
I quite literally wander around work sometimes bored and repeat this line and movement with my hands.

I loved how realistic the reactions where. Like we all know this is most of us when we're supposed to get up. Haha.

And THIS is too fucking cute.

I swear, Im going to watch the shit outta Frozen in a little bit but Tangled is on ABC Family in like 30 minutes (after The Little Mermaid) and I haven't seen that in awhile. Ahhhh, Flynn, how I have missed him. <3
April 20th, 2014 at 04:47am