I Wanted to Make a Comment on Latest Chapter of 'Sent in Gray' So You All Know Where I'm Coming From. (Chapter 45, Contains Spoilers~)

Okay so again before you read this, make sure you read chapter 45 before reading the following entry because it will be spoiler-y.


First off, let me just apologize in advance for anyone who may be upset over the chapter. Please know that it wasn't an easy decision to make. I went back and fourth for months before writing this chapter. It's been planned for a while and it's kind of based on a personal experience. This isn't meant to be a PSA on safe driving or whatever. Instead, this is my own selfish way of getting closure from a similar situation. Justin's accident wasn't just tossed in the story for this closure, as I said, it's been planned for months. I know it may feel like it came out of the blue, but that's how these things happen. They're accidents, they aren't planned. There's no notification beforehand alerting you of a friend's shitty choice, there's no warning.

I've always wanted this story to seem as realistic as it can for being a fanfiction, whether I've accomplished that or not, I'm not sure, that's for each person who reads this story to decide. Regardless of how it makes me sound, full of myself or not, I think I've done a decent job. This includes the highs and lows of life. Where there is love and forgiveness, there's also loss and endings.

Alan's reactions were similar to mine when I went through the process of letting go to a friend. I was in shock, I was speechless, I was confused.

Everyone reacts to tragedy differently. Some people are criers (that would be me), some people get angry, some people are neutral.

Justin's fate has already been decided and it may be a couple chapters before that decision is announced so I hope you all stick around to see it.

-aswesleepwewalk <3

also I am very sorry there was a month between chapters.
April 22nd, 2014 at 07:12am