I Was Singing What?

I'm remodeling my flat and today just happened to come by a box with a bunch of old CDs that I'd forgotten I owned and I decided to have a listen to a few of them. Ones that had been favorites of mine when I was a lot younger. And by younger I mean at a time when I was still innocent and pretty much clueless about the English language in relation to my own.

A far cry from Me today by the way and I quickly realized I still knew most of the songs by heart, and as you do, I slowly began singing along. Only to then realize than I actually know what the lyrics means this time around... The surprised look on my face when I realized exactly what I’d been going around singing - loudly - about when I was some ten-twelve years old could go down as legendary.

I've always know it was bad, but not that it was that bad.

Exhibit A - I need your body tonight [...] I need you inside me tonight

I went around belting out these lyrics without a care in the world, most likely because I had no idea what the words actually meant, but still, cringe-worthy. Friends and I have talked about this numerous times during the years – since we’ve all learned English to varying degrees – and I know that it’s often bad, figuring out what you sang as a kid, but this...this was still a shocking discovery to me.

No wonder my mum once questioned if I really knew what I was singing…
April 23rd, 2014 at 07:08pm