Slash/Gay Fiction, Anyone? | Song Inspiration?

Bonjour, Mibba People! Alice here!

First of all, it's been quite a while since I've lurked the Mibba community.
May have abandoned a story or two. (╥﹏╥)
But this is my comeback! (I hope? Image)
And mostly everyone (well, the two people) who I used to talk to have sort of disappeared as well, so I'm taking this as an opportunity to make new Mibba friends!

Welcome, be my friend, please.
I like cats. If you like cats, we can be friends.
Even if you don't like cats.
(But I still like cats!) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Also, I have a sort of comeback story as well!Image
It's sort of a pick-me up for inspiration, because my other story has been lacking on that part.
I feel a little bad, because I've gotten so far...

But for now, I will mostly be concentrating on my new baby! Image
It's called King of the Gays!
If you haven't guessed, it has gay themes.
And it's like my usual rom-com sort of stuff, I suppose.
I've lost all of my little precious readers, which I totally deserve, so it's a little disheartening to start from scratch again when I used to get so much feedback, but hopefully this one is half the hit Homophobe was!
Or I may be totally alone here in the slash community. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

If any of you guys are writing or reading anything gay fiction wise, I'd love it if you could recommend me some!
I'm always on the hunt! Image

Also, what do you guys listen to for inspiration?
I wrote the first chapter today with Whitest Linen on repeat, by Kyndel Gehlbach, it's a lovely song! I love it so much!(●´∀`●)
What are some of your inspiration favourites?

Au reviour!
(Walter also says bye! :3)
April 25th, 2014 at 03:53am