I've Been on Mibba for Over Four Years (Mibba Throwback Guys)

ISN'T THAT WEIRD? I mean, I say that like I've been consitently on, but I mean obviously not.

But still, I started Mibba-ing four-five years ago, it's so weeeeeeird to think about how much has changed. Like, just thinking of all the phases that Mibba goes through and all the trends and just watching it evolve and everything.

Like, first I was gabbykillsmeese, with brooke who was brookekillskittens and that was when it was still "journals", and every journal had like random dumb questions at the end because that was a thing? EITHER WAY WE WERE QUEENS OF THE JOURNAL SECTION.

And there was like the journal crew. That crew was the coolest.

Like I used to get on everyday and just JOURNAL. AND SO DID EVERYONE ELSE. IT WAS SO COOL.

And I remember this weird journal rampage a couple people had that integrated a lot of nazi themes in it PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE REMEMBERS THIS. THERE WERE MUDKIPS AND NAZIS. IT WAS A THING. PEOPLE GOT BANNED. I want to say sainthood someone remember please tell me.

And then there was like that reporting spree someone had with the old reporting system, where everyone's stories were reported like 20 times for nothingness and everyone was freaking out.

And there was electric goat and captain jack omg megan and everrose melissa and bella and alex and like every second blog was a comment swap blog I swear to god YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE.

And then there was like a mibba family thing going around where everyone was making families and tell me someone remembers how there used to be like a blog about abortion or gay marriage and it would literally get into like HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS of people just YELLING AT EACH OTHER and it was like A HUGE DEAL.


And a hundred other blogs would follow it and it would be mibba drama~

And there was iimiznunu or something like that who made like twenty blogs a day and that started a thing.

And also remember when we used the mibba chat thing for like a month but then people got angry or whatever.

And even more later on there was that whole spam bot thing where the blogs/journals (I forget when blogs were implemented) WERE LIKE THE ENTIRE PAGE. IT WAS JUST SPAM.

hmm that's all I can remember as of this moment but you know being nostalgic.
throw out any throwbacks to mibba you remember because I also have a horrible memory
everyone's disappeared and I'M FEELING EMOTIONAL wah
April 25th, 2014 at 09:27pm