Because I Dont Know What Else to Do

He's driving me nuts. I've liked him for 7 months and I FINALLY confessed to him (after a week of him persuading me again again to tell him of my 'mystery man') and all he could respond with was an 'oh', 'how long has it been?' and 'why didn't you tell me before?'. I mean... WHAT. After which he CONTINUED to text me approximately every day. What am I supposed to make out of this? He really wants to remain friends; I can see that. He's head over heels for someone better than me, I can also see that (considering how he told me of her like a month ago as he felt like talking to no one but me regarding it, as he told me). But he can not expect me to move on or do this easily if he keeps this going. I can not move on if he keeps texting me every day. (also, when I ignore him, he gets crossed with it.) But on the other hand, he hasn't spoken to me regarding my confession either or of how he feels or what he wants. I dont know, i'm so confused. Does this make sense to any of you? I don't even know what i'm doing... I just really need someone to talk to.
April 29th, 2014 at 11:53pm