So I'm New and in Need of Some Readers/Friends!

Hello everyone! So I have only been on the site for a couple of days, and I am just trying to get out there if you will. Ummm, let's start with a basic get to know me I suppose.
My name is Chelsea
I live in dull Indiana
I am a nursing student
I am about 4 years into an incredible relationship
I love writing!

Well now that that is out of the way. I would love to get to know some more like minded people like myself. What I really hope is to make some friends and get some honest feedback on my work. Really in need of someone to go over my story and tell me what they think!

So here is to what I hope is a very fruition stay on Mibba and I can churn out this story!

Thanks for reading, and thanks a million if you take the time to read my story.
May 3rd, 2014 at 11:49pm