Favorite Memory | Prompt 5

I honestly think my most favorite memory would have to be giving birth to my son Rylan. I went into the hospital on September 9th, 2013 to be induced; my water hadn't broke and I hadn't even dropped yet. When I was induced, I began getting contractions immediately. They were so bad that I couldn't even eat the dinner that was brought to me. The rest of the night they got worse and worse. Finally at 11:10 PM my water broke while I was using the bathroom. That didn't stop the contractions though, and I was only 7 cm dilated. I stayed at a 7 all through the morning hours. The nurses tried everything to help with the contractions and I couldn't take any pain meds because my blood plateletts were low...so...the pain was severe.

Finally at 10:30 the next morning, September 10th, after being in hard labor for almost 20 hours...I told them I couldn't take it anymore and that I wanted a c-section. It was granted, but it took them another hour and some odd minutes to actually get up there and get me ready and stuff to go have it done. I went in at 11:45 for my c-section and at 12:17 PM Rylan was born.

He'll be 8 months this coming Saturday on the 10th. He's getting so big. I can't believe it's been eight months already.

Sorry if this is like super gross or anything lols.
May 5th, 2014 at 04:19pm