WHEN: 10 MAY 14
WHERE: 360’s

Last nite i showed up at his house around 10:30 p.m and stayed over until 5 in the morning. we laughed at Ja’mie private school girl and then i very briefly met his mother

we had sex and i wasnt weird about holding hands. I dont really remember the first three times in detail i just remember it was everything i'd looked forward to all week. i say this every time but hes so god damn handsome and good for me. I cant believe how alike we are but i havent decided whether or not that's a good thing

Around 2:45 a.m we would talk about things while half-asleep. I like talking to him late at night this way and i think we're both starting to realli grow on each other. he likes to make fun of how much glitter i wear and how little my fingers are and how soft and small i am. I tell him about my best friend and my silly habits and my mood swings. i tell him about the movies that make me cry and how Interpol is my favorite band.i think he knows much more about me than i know about him

after i rambled on about how many tears i shed over the movie Her,he fucked me for the 4th time really hard and slow and this is always my favorite (Im almost positive watching malcolm in the middle always leads to stupidly good sex)he kisses my stomach and my shoulders and I fell asleep right after

I called a cab around 5 in the morning and gave him my last pack of cigarettes(because i am trying to quit) and kissed goodby. i got into a bit of trouble once i came home but it didn't change anything. I like 360 very much hes been so sweet to me today
May 12th, 2014 at 04:58am