"If I Were Famous"

If I were famous I would take care as to the role model that I might present. Our young ones tend to follow the lead of those that they admire. I would ensure that that role model is a good one. Since I am parent of four I might a bit biased here, I have seen the impact that others can have on them. I know that many may be thinking that since I am the parent I have control but do I really? I am only one voice and their father is another...against how many? Drugs are available and apparently so aren't firearms. When they become teens they want to start stepping out on their own, open their wings. As a parent I WANT them to do so, they can only stay under my apron strings for so long. How do I protect them? Who do they look to now? Yes, they still listen to us but words, and actions, of others can affect their choices. Should I lock them in room? If I was famous I would think about the children that might be learning from me. No videos depicting violence or half naked women in order to promote a song. Where has our society fallen if that's what's needed in order to do so, and that we accept it? If I was famous I would be cautious about what I was putting out there. I would be careful as to the role that I was setting that others might want to follow. But that's coming from me, a mother of four, others might not agree. Others might not feel that they have any responsibility as to setting a good example but don't we live in society with others? Setting a good example is something that should be excepted by ALL and not considered as something that SOME might do.
May 17th, 2014 at 03:50am