A Truth We Must Learn

"Without suffering, there would be no compassion."

This is my favorite quote. I've always been and optimist, which makes it strange for me to say something like this is my favorite quote. But it is my favorite, because it's not something we can tell ourselves to make us feel better. It is a truth. An awful truth, but a truth we must learn.

In a way, it's like saying you don't know something is good if you don't have anything bad in which to compare it. We wouldn't be able to feel compassion if we did not suffer.

Suffering means distress and hardship.
Compassion means having pity for others in their misfortune.

Everyone suffers.

Most have compassion.

In the midst of our suffering, we need to know that, because of what we're going through, we are giving kindness and concern to the world.
May 24th, 2014 at 05:12pm