I've Applied to Go Back to College.

I left college a few years ago because I couldn't afford to stay there. My parents were offering no kind of financial support and all my money was tied away.
So, since then, I've gone from job to job just hoping that I liked something enough to stick. And although I found people that may have been worth sticking around for, no job has made me feel like that.

Here are my issues though.
The finances are going to be difficult. We will be living off my boyfriends grant money and the low rent his brother pays for the next year or until I can get another job.
I am going to be completely reliant on Jim for the next year, this starting at a time when our relationship really isn't very strong at all.
I won't be able to afford my car.
All the money I've been saving for the trip me and boyfriend were going to take for our anniversary is going to go on the deposit for the new place because Jim won't be able to help and his brother is incapable of saving money and already thinks he is giving me too much money.
I'm terrified of going back into education and falling flat on my face.

On the other hand.
I hate my job, it's unstable and boring
I miss education.
I want a degree and everything that comes with it.
If I leave it too long I'll just talk myself out of it.
I'll have more time to see my Nanny.

I think I just want someone to tell me what to do.
May 27th, 2014 at 10:47pm