"You Are so Old Fashioned"

Since when has it become out of fashion to care about what your children do? Since when has it fallen to me to satisfy you rather that you respecting me? I have three adult daughters and I have been struggling with them all. One lives with her boyfriend and they live on their own, another also lives with her boyfriend but they live under his parents roof. The final one is still at home yet travels out of state to visit her boyfriend who is still living under his parents roof although he has a child of his own. When she visits there I don't think his parents set any rules, they are allowed to share a bed. So I, as the the only parent that would not allow a boyfriend to move in with us or to allow a daughter to share a bed with a boy while under my roof have been labelled as "old fashioned". If that is what you want to call me then so be it, that is what I am. But if I consider you, my daughters, as disrespectful the same reasoning applies...You just didn't want to listen to another.
May 28th, 2014 at 04:35am