What I Like in Stories?

I've seen a lot of these blogs and I'm guessing they're for Mibba Positivity Week or whatever but I'm 2 lazy 4 that so I'm just gonna make this bc I wanna. I also saw that the other peeps went into a lot of detail but I'm just gonna be here like yup. that's pretty much it. So here we go !!!!!

1. Stupid fucking comedy
Like the really stupid kind. Deadpan. Comedy that's so bad it's good. I love it. Fucking stupid ass jokes are my life.

2. Short, precise chapters
Idk if this counts as a thing but I literally cannot bring myself to read long chapters. You got a story and a chapter's like 1000+ words, I probably won't read it whoops. If I like the story it'd probably take me a week to read the chapter (that's why I don't comment much on stories, too - I'm way too far behind).

3. Depressing outcomes
Main character deaths especially. I love sad endings. Idk why. I think they're more realistic.

4. The mafia
I like reading stories about the mafia. Yakuza, Triads, Sicilian Mafia and Solntsevskaya Bratva (to name a few) are my faves to read about. But Yakuza are at the top of my list tbh.

5. Incompatible romances that work somehow
Does this really need an explanation I think it's obvious what I mean here.
May 28th, 2014 at 06:54am