Rp's Favorite Mibba Authors

These are a few of the most amazing writers Mibba has. These are some of my favorite authors on here.

1. CharmedLuna writes the most amazing A7X and BDMS stories I have ever read in my life. She is amazing and the reason I came to Mibba in the first place. I love her writing and I will always be a loyal fan.

2. Embracing Shadows= She is amazing. She has written many of the most hottest and awesome, AU A7X Fan-Fiction that make you want to read more and more. I love her stories because they are unique and simply amazing.

3. Jensen Ackles= is an absolutely nice and amazing girl that I admire a lot. She is a great writer and one of the few people I can call a friend. One of her stories that I love is A Plea for Mercy. She has been MIA due to a lot of work at school and I miss her a lot!

4. Norman Reedus= Victoria is an awesome person that is always there when you need her. She is an amazing writer and one story that I always will have in my heart as favorite is If We Ever Meet Again.

5. Theo Rossi; is a great writer who I admire a lot. She has many of the amazing original slash stories that I have ever read. I love you girl! She is also one of the best co-writers I had the honor to write with. She is my Sons of Anarchy partner in crime. We totally make bad ass biker chicks! xD

6. CoolStory.Lynn= I don’t know much about her since I recently met her but so far she seems like a sweet girl. I’ve fallen in love with two of her stories that are based on A7X. She is an amazing writer.

I couldn’t just mention one because I have many favorite authors who I love and admire with all my heart. I also give recognition to the following
so sedated
age of aquarius
Zacky Vengeance;-miss you girl!

Love always, RP
May 29th, 2014 at 02:41am