Time for a Change

So. I have been thinking a lot lately about life. I am 19 years old and I feel like I'm not enjoying life how I should. I'm not going to hold back, this is to help me. I am over-weight. Im not happy with myself. So this summer, when I start my babysitting job I have a goal to go outside and be active as long as I can and to eat as healthy as I can.

My goal is to lose 60 pounds. I was wondering if you guys had any advice or recipes or anything else (:

I also want to go on this adventure and find who I am. I want to do vlogs on YouTube and help people and change the world. I have a lot of inspiration but little motivation. You know? So much I want to accomplish, but the weight loss have to be first.

I figure... 60 pounds... 3 months.... That's 20 pounds a month. Not too bad if I'm really good. I want to start this blog tracking my progress and fond people who will inspire me and maybe peopleni can inspire.
May 29th, 2014 at 05:38am